Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Three's a Charm

So yesterday was my wedding anniversary with my husband. It wasn't a big celebration...we both had school and work but we still made it memorable. Last year was the first one spent together and my husband went all out for me. You can read about it in my blog post from last year When First Comes Second.  He definitely outdid me.  I got him a pair of sneakers he wanted.  (I usually get him practical's what he likes best.)  And if you read my blog post, you'll see that he threw out surprises all over.  It was a amazing day for me and him both but mostly for me of course lol.

Yesterday was just as amazing in its own way.  We got home around the same time and before I started on our nice dinner, we exchanged our cards and gifts.  Now mind you, we agreed on small gifts since our taxes hadn't come in and bills were due soon.  He opened his gift from me which was the play and charge batteries for his xbox controller.  (Practical as usual lol)  Since he has had his xbox, he keeps a large box of AA batteries next to him to quickly change them out once his controller dies as he's playing.  It's pretty comical to say the least lol.  So I thought I'd bring him current with the xbox rechargeable batteries that also charge as you play.  I opened my gift which was a beautifully handmade picture frame.  I absolutely loved it and rewarded him with a big kiss for his thoughtfulness.

 Sooo...I thought our gift exchanging was done BUT then he lures me into our bedroom to supposedly look at something the pups had done in our room and there on the floor was a big gift bag.  Ugh!  He outdid me again!  So what was my gift you ask?  Well I'm typing on it and I write this blog.  He bought me a MacBook Pro!   I was so shocked and definitely not expecting it.  We had talked about getting me my own since my Dell laptop died on me and I was always taking his MacBook to school.  So either he wanted to surprise me or he was tired of me stealing his LOL. Needless to say I'm satisfied either way.  =)

With that being said, I'm determined to outdo him next year.  I have a whole entire year to plan so we'll see what I come up with as our next anniversary comes closer.

Some more great news, my awesome SL got me out of taking the APFT this morning since I'm already #1 on the OML and just waiting to sign the paperwork.  So my next and last APFT until Fall semester will be on April 12th.  I'm preparing for a 300.  My last record APFT, got a 290.  I want to at least beat that score.

That's it for now.  Have a great day everyone!

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