Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Weekend Ranger Challenge

So Saturday, I did a 6 mile road march with my Ranger Challenge team.  It was a lot of fun but hard work.  Friday, we went to the gym and worked out on our legs hard....I mean hard!  I got challenge by one of the other cadets to push my hardest and I ended up leg pressing 300 pounds.  Talk about beast! haha  Well I was hating life early Saturday morning when I woke up to screaming muscles.  I double checked my ruck to make sure it was ONLY 35 pounds so I wouldn't be killing myself too much.  Once I had that checked, I got dressed and headed out to Fort Bragg to meet up with my teammates.

I was hoping the rain would lighten up but....it didn't.  Then I hoped our team leader would cancel the road march but....he didn't! lol  So by a little after 7 am, we were on the trail starting what seemed as never-ending in the beginning.  I remember how I was thinking when we took off on the first mile, I have 5.8 miles to go and my legs are so sore!  And with the rain tolling down on us, our rucks and our clothes got heavier as we climbed up and down hills.

I was so happy to get to the 3 mile mark.  It meant I was half way to getting back in my car and relaxing my legs lol.  But it also meant I was trucking along great.  We made great timing the whole way.  By the 4th mile, we were 53 minutes in.   That's the same timing we did for our last 4 miler except this time we had extra variables weighing down on us, so I have definitely gotten faster.

As we neared our finish line, we slowed down a bit to finish with the team we started with.  Like our team leader says, we are only as strong as our weakest link.  But it felt good to finish out with them...as a TEAM.  :)

Tomorrow I have a special surprise for all your readers.  It's something I've been anticipating for a while, but I want to write about in detail later.  Stay tuned!

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