Tuesday, April 24, 2012

More Rainbows: Blog Shares

So I'm still exploring different rainbow treats lol.  I think what intrigues me most is the combination of so many bright colors.  Today I have a few of my favorite rainbow treats I'd like to share from some blogs that I follow.  Enjoy!

1.  The first on my list is from one of my favorite bloggers SugarBelle.  She makes the most amazing cookies ever.  These are her rainbow cookie favors.  I love how she bordered the edges of the cloud.  The scripting for the name is so precise too!  Can you see the little heart used on the i's?  :)
SugarBelle's Rainbow cookies
2.  Number two on my list is from Darla from Bakingdom.  I think this cake is just awesome how she made a heart inside the cake!  This one was so neat.  :)

3.  Third is Caroline from Chocolate and Carrots.  She made a mini rainbow cake...not so mini once all the layers are stacked but still beautifully delicious all the same.  :)  You can check out more pics of this cake on her guest post on Bakingdom.

4.  Number four is Manda from IamBaker.  She made some really neat homemade rainbow sprinkles and decorated her cake that way.  

You can also check out some cool rainbow recipes at Tablespoon.com

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