Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Winding Down…Finally!

Life is finally winding down!  I've had a VERY exhausting month.  Lots have happened in this past month and the last part of October.  Let's back track…

I celebrated my 24th birthday.  It was quiet and spent with close friends and neighbors at my favorite restaurant Carrabbas.  My husband surprised me with two beautiful Pandora bracelets with a few charms and a delicious Tres Leche cake (my fav!!!) to share with all our friends.  =)


So you might be wondering who these wonderful ladies are above…well they are my Line Sisters!  Yep!  I pledged a sorority! Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority Inc to be exact!  I might have brought it up a few times before last semester but this semester is when I actually underwent the pledge process.  I won't say it was easy but it was definitely worth it.  I stressed a lot because of how busy I already was before the process but those ladies pictured above helped me sooo much and I love them even more for that.  =)

Here's some pics from our probate which was performed early November:

In cognito!!!  ;-)

Locked up!

Removing my mask!

Finally wearing my letters!

Hubby is so proud ;-)

Whoooooshhhh….let's fast forward now to last week.  Ok so I got into a pretty crazy car accident the weekend before Thanksgiving and what I'm about to explain all took place in just 10 minutes time.  I was on my way to an FTX for ROTC at 4ish in the morning and go figure a deer runs straight into the side of my car.  I can't steer right since the deer hit my right fender so I move to the median in the middle.  I put my panic lights on and call my 1SG and let him know what happened and then get on the phone with USAA.  Another cadet who happens to be my neighbor happened to see me pulled over so he stopped to help me out.  No more than two minutes after my neighbor pulled over to help me another car comes down the road and my neighbor was able to warn me and tried pulling me out of the way.  The car (who was in the lane I was in) rammed straight into my car.  My car hits my neighbors car and then turns into the median, knocks me over and flies straight into the opposite direction of traffic.  Time is now 4:59 AM.  What a way to start my morning.  Two hours later, my car, in pieces, is towed away and my husband is driving me to the ER.  Thank God I had no broken bones or internal bleeding but I am still very stiff from the impact of my car.  If it wasn't for my neighbor I wouldn't be alive today.  I'm very thankful that he stopped.

This my car after the accident:

I am walking and on muscle relaxers.  I'm hoping to be healed by the time Spring semester starts.  Unfortunately I can't participate in our Record APFT because of this so my last scores will have to go in my evaluation.  =(  I was shooting for a 290+ for this APFT but I guess a 285 will have to do.  Wasn't my fault you know.

Ok so Thanksgiving!!!!  The best part =)

Due to the accident we didn't go to Orlando as planned but we had a great day with our neighbors.  There was sooooo muuuuuch foooooood lol.  We ate…and ate….and ate….
Everything was amazing.  The apple cake I made was a hit!  I will have to share the recipe with you all soon.

I made the rice and roast pork

My neighbor's husband deep fried a 24 lb turkey!

My first time making pumpkin pie

Uncle Bob's Fresh Apple Cake

After dinner we relaxed and prepared for…..Black Friday.  Now I'm not big on this American event but we did end up going to Wal-Mart Thursday night.  My neighbors were going because they had a 60" Vizio smart TV on sale for $688.  ?!?!?!?!  YES!  We wanted in too! lol So we got there at 6:30 and "camped" out for this TV.  It's a good thing we got there early before the chaos broke out.  Wal-Mart did two releases…one at 8 PM and one at 10 PM.   The TVs were at 10.  So we waiting…only about the 10th people in line for the TVs…got our TVs and were out by 10:35.  Sweet!

Black Friday Camping!
Didn't waste time setting it up haha

And last but not least…always a tradition in my family.  We put up our Christmas tree.  It's something my family has always done back home putting up the tree right after Thanksgiving.  This is Chris and my first actually Christmas tree.  Last year our tree was tiny and that is what we used for the last three years of our marriage.  This year we decided it was time to get a real tree…and we meant it!  My neighbor took me to a local place and we picked out our trees.  It was so much fun.  When I got back Chris and our neighbors taught us how to put the tree in the stand.  My hands were covered in sap lol.  Then we decorated our tree and now our home is ready for Christmas.  =)

I hope everyone is doing great.  I know this was a long blog but I had a lot to catch you guys up on!  Talk to you all soon! 
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