Monday, December 5, 2011

Getting into the Christmas Spirit

So I've had my Christmas tree up since the beginning of November but that's about all the effort I've put into making my home "Christmasy".  I'm a little sad I won't be with my family this Christmas.  It's the first one away from them.  We are going to visit my in-laws instead.  I can't be too mopey though.  My husband hasn't spent a Christmas with his family since he joined the Army.  But this weekend I started to get myself into the holiday spirit.  I bought a gingerbread house kit and we made that on Friday night.  For breakfast on Saturday, I went all out.  I made eggnog pancakes, french vanilla french toast, and a huge ham and cheese omelet.  Needless to say we needed a few hours to recover from that breakfast lol.  Our stocking are up now and a few other little decorations around the living room.  I'm still debating on doing anything more around the house since we won't be here for Christmas.  I might go and get some lights to put out in front but not much.  Maybe only some to put around the two pillars in front of our house.  I plan on getting a lot of things after Christmas day since things will be half off and I can just save them for next year.  I want to get a new tree and the new LED lights as well as some ornaments that fit on a tree bigger than 4' (which is what we currently have lol from two Christmases ago).  It didn't really make sense to buy a new one when we won't be here.  Maybe next year we can spend it at our house.  I also tried making Christmas cookies but my little cookie mold pan was a fail lol.  I will just have to go out and buy the real cookie cutters and make them the old fashion way...which I'm not all too upset about.  I think it's more fun that way.  Here are some pics of our small touches of Christmas.  Hopefully I will have some cute cookies to show on my next blog.

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