Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Don't Save It All For Christmas Day

Final grades have finally been posted and I couldn't be more proud of myself.  I made 4 A's and two A-'s.  Which is really all As in my opinion.  Whoever made up A-'s are crazy.  I guess it's okay though...keeps me humble lol.  I'm great but I'm not perfect.

I haven't been up to much since school let out.  I've done some Christmas shopping but really it's my excuse to walk around and be out of the house.  I've forgotten how bored I can get at home.  I'm ready to start up another semester of school after this week.  I could just be taking this vacation for granted though.  Lord knows I need the rest after 4 months of drilling my brain on programming languages and calculus. 

I really miss my family right now.  Everyone is on this "family" cruise (I say with quotes because I'm not there, so it's not really all the family...yes I'm being bitter lol) and I can't call my parents or even my aunts and uncles.  My aunt Yomi didn't go either though...I think I'll call and chat with her tomorrow.  =)  I call my parents almost everyday.  I miss hearing their voices and chatting with them about how life is here in NC and them updating me on news of the family down in FL. I want to tell them about my grades and hear their enthusiasm.  Making them proud has always been a motivation for me to continue to succeed in life. 

I bought cookie mix and icing pens today and a few days ago I got some cute cookie cutters so maybe tomorrow I'll get motivated to start baking and getting artistic.  I think I'll give some to my neighbor.  They are always so sweet to us and they have a little boy that is too adorable.  I know he's gonna love them.  I think this is what I like most about and making people smile.  I wish people would give the way they give on Christmas all year.  It's never a bad time to bring joy and happiness into another person's life.  This reminds me of a song on my ipod.  It's by a group called Avalon.  The song is called "Don't Save It All For Christmas Day".  It's a beautiful song that really reveals an amazing truth to how much the world needs love everyday no matter the circumstances.

I think I will make this the first thing on my new year's resolution list:  Give a little love everyday.
Have a blessed rest of the week friends and family.  God bless you all.

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