Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Humble Heart is Worth More than Gold or Diamonds.

These past few days have been very emtional for me for various reasons.   I'm up North visitng my husband's side of the family in Philly and Brooklyn, NY.  His side of the family is very different than mine in many ways but one thing that is the same is the humility and love they have for eachother.  I just hate seeing such humble people have to struggle.  We are staying with one of my husband's aunts in her apartment in Brooklyn right now and her stove oven doesn't work.  We decided that we had enough money to buy her a new gas oven.  I feel so blessed to have the house and cars that we have.  Even our oppotunity to be able to go to school.  I thank God that we are so fortunate to be able to give to them.  I cant wait to see his aunts expression tomorrow when the new stove arrives.

Now to switch gears quickly, my mother in law showed me a song by Celine Dion today called Because You Loved Me.  It left such a longing in my heart.  I can't stop listening to it.  Its so romantic and you know how much I love romance.  It makes me think of such beautiful things and I can't help but smile dreamily when I listen to it. 

Let me stop rambling on about Saturday, we are meeting a bunch of family on my mother in laws side. This should be fun.  Tomorrow we head to Manhattan to visit ground zero.  Now stands the memorial site and I know its going to bring tears to my eyes.  I'll post pics soon. 

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