Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Entering into the New Year

I've been at a loss for words lately.  Much has happened during this winter break...goods and bads.  It was really great to meet a side of my husband's family that I've never met before.  It was definitely much needed for the both of us and I know it meant a lot for him to be able to spend the holidays with them after so many years away.  I got to meet my mother-in-law's husband's side of the family as well.  There are ancient in their ways of living lol.  But they are all still very fun people to be around.  I did miss my family terribly though.  Especially during Christmas.  I think I cried about four or five times between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  But I sucked it up...I can't be so greedy all the time.  Although, having my dad read my Christmas message to the family on Christmas Eve meant the world to me.  I'm glad I could have a little part of me with them that night.

So on to my bad news...this past semester I trained and worked hard on getting my scholarship/contract with the Army.  I had to jump through many hoops to get where I am...between PT tests, FTX weekends, getting good grades in my classes, and medical's a circus really.  I passed with flying colors expect the one thing I had no control medical exam.  Yep...I received my disqualification letter.  This made my heart drop...and yes I did shed a few tears of frustration.  I couldn't believe they could disqualify me over something so little as having a history of psoriasis.  It doesn't effect my ability to train or work hard but yet it's an automatic disqualification.  This really could be the end of my military career if I can't get a medical waiver.  I can only hope and pray that Cadet Command will approve my waiver.  Since the Army is cutting down on troops, they are weeding out people for the smallest things.

I will be able to continue in the program this semester so long as my waiver is still pending.  So my resolution for this year is to continue to work hard and prove that I deserve to be in this program despite my medical circumstances however small they may be.  I have other resolutions as well including getting straight As again this year, growing closer to my husband, and saving up for a nice vacation for the summer.

I hope everyone entered into the New Year with a bang.  My best advice is to hit the ground running as we start a new beginning.  It's weird how New Years always seems to set a restart button on our lives.  Most people look at it as a way to make up for mistakes from the last year or to start a completely new path from the last.  I'm not sure which one I'm doing yet....making up for past mistakes or starting a new path.  All I do know is that I've made up my mind to keep positive and make the best of everyday that passes me by.

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