Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January Opportunities

So this week started off pretty interesting.  It started out pretty hectic and I was truly hyperventilating but things are starting to calm down.  Slowly I'm getting my thoughts and emotions and life in general in somewhat of an order.  A lot of things have happened today some good some bad.

I have received three job interviews.  One for Buckle at the Cross Creek Mall.  I'm not too excited about that one.  I wouldn't mind working weekends and getting the 40% discount but there is no way I'm driving over an hour from Pembroke to Fayetteville during the week to work.  The next two job interviews are at my school.  One is to be a Technician at our Performing Arts Center.  The other is to be a BraveTech in our Information Technology department.  I'm shooting more for the BraveTech position since that's centered more towards my degree.  Either is fine with me though.  Operating hours for both are between 8-5 Monday through Friday and they are right at my school so no need for traveling far between school and work.  I could even work in between classes.  I really hope I get one of those jobs.

Some more good news is that today I finally signed my medical waiver for ROTC.  It shouldn't be much longer before I get contracted and hopefully I can still get the Airborne slot.  Time is cutting close though.  The school starts a month from Friday so they could've already selected someone to send without my knowledge.  I'll have to check on that tomorrow.

Bad news...I've been procrastinating.  Yes, I'm getting my assignments done on time but I'm waiting until the last minute.  If I do, by miracle, get a chance to go to Airborne school, I'm going to have to be way ahead on my assignments.  I have a homework assignment due this Friday, two quizzes, and an essay due next Tuesday.  I definitely gotta get ahead so I'm not drowning later.  The other bad news is that my student that I started tutoring last week bailed on me.  Apparently I wasn't good enough for her.  It kind of hurt me because I think I do a pretty good job of explaining things but she was an older student who looked like she was just coming back to school after several years out of school.  And jumping right into Calculus is not really the best choice in that kind of situation.  But who am I to judge?  She ended up getting matched up with the Math tutor guru whose been tutoring for over 8 years so I hope she gets the help she needs from that tutor.  For now, I'm in limbo with no student to tutor until I get called upon...meaning jobless once again.  =/  But even though I'm not getting paid to tutor, I'm volunteering my "tutoring" skills at home.  My neighbor is studying to retake the ASVAB and he asked me for help in the math sections.  I'm also helping my husband learn how to write essays for his Expository Writing class.  So all in all, I do feel like I'm being helpful even though I'm not being paid for it.  And to me...you can't put a price helping someone understand how to do things on their own.  That satisfaction is the best form of payment I can get.

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