Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sweet Basil Cafe

Hey everyone. Its been almost two weeks since my last post.  I have a lot to catch up up but I will separate them into separate posts since they are all about different subjects.

So last weekend my husband and I drove out to Southern Pines and spent the morning exploring the downtown area.  We had a acquaintance recommend a small cafe called Sweet Basil to us if we were looking for a good place to eat lunch.  We to the cafe around 10 but it doesn't open until 11:30 am on Saturdays so we walked the shops to kill time.  The downtown area is small but very pretty.  All the shops are locally owned.  Some make quilts, others were small Christian bookstores, we found a hippie/antique style coffee shop called Swank.  I had a delicious coffee there.  It tasted like an Almond Joy.  I also got an oatmeal chocolate and walnut cookie too.  It was delicious!  We got back to the cafe around 11:15 and to my surprise there was already a line of people waiting outside the cafe for it to open.  You could also smell from outside all the amazing aromas coming from the cafe.  We were both starving and mouth watering by the time we sat down to eat.  There isn't a big variety on the menu but you can tell that everything is freshly made there.  Everyday they have a different soup of the day (the only soup option on the menu too).  That day, it was asparagus soup.  This was the first and the BEST asparagus soup I've ever tried.  My husband and I were in heaven with the soup.  I also ordered a margarita pizza and my husband ordered an swiss and roast beef sandwich.  Everything was amazingly fresh.  It's a small mom and pop cafe and you can tell that many of its customers are regulars by the way the customers and waitresses interact.  I really enjoyed outing morning outing.  We plan on doing this again soon.  :)

Sign outside the cafe

Asparagus soup

Margarita pizza

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