Monday, March 28, 2011

When First Comes Second

Yesterday was my 2-year anniversary with my love.  I still remember our wedding day like yesterday and it's still a day/night I will cherish for the rest of my life.  This is our first anniversary together since last year he was in the sandbox aka Afghanistan.  Let me tell you, he did great last year with not being here and all but yesterday...he topped it off times a thousand!

My husband surprised me in the morning with a perfume I've been eying for a while...Rhianna's new Reb'l Fleur...the biggest bottle they had lol.  I think it means rebel flower in French maybe?  Who knows but it smells amazing.  Next we went to church like normal and then headed to Carrabas Italian Restaurant with family and friends.  Before we even ordered our food, my husband secretly asked the waitress to bring us a dessert with a number 2 on it.  Well that caught me off guard but nothing to what came next.  Before we could even take a bite out of that delicious cake, he pulled out a Zales box and inside?  A gold ring with a huge aquamarine stone in the middle and diamonds on the sides.  I couldn't believe my eyes, he had gone all out!  He said he chose the aquamarine stone because its the birthstone of March and that's when our anniversary is.  Yeah I was choked up in tears in front of friends and family lol.  But it was great I couldn't imagine a better "first"-second anniversary.  =)

His surprise is coming soon!  Can't wait to give it to him!  =)

At Carrabas

My anniversary ring (left)

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