Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bittersweet Farewells...New Beginnings to Come

This past week has been absolutely crazy busy!  It was my last week of work and we hired a new person to take my place so the whole week I was training our new person, continuing to work as usual, and preparing all my projects to hand off to the person taking my place.  I literally worked my behind off until the very last minute.  But all was for good reasons.  I really didn't want to leave my job.  I will miss all my co-workers dearly.  They threw my a heart-felt farewell potluck on my last day and I received cards and farewells gifts too.  I felt like I was leaving a part of my family behind.  =(
On the bright side, I was sooo impressed with our new person.  She picked up on the job pretty well so I definitely felt relief about that.  I can honestly say my projects were in good hands.  It feels good to see someone take your place who is just as avid as you are about learning.  =)

Well I'm down to only days left in Orlando.  This move is bittersweet.  I can't wait to be in North Carolina with my husband in our new house but I will miss my family and friends here.  I will miss my church and old co-workers.  But this is how life is I guess.  You give a little to get a little.  Well I can't say having my husband is something little...or leaving my family is something little.  I guess in my case I'm giving a lot to get a lot lol.  Oh the emotions life throws our way....all we can do is continue to move forward.

Well...more than sadness, I'm happy.  Happy to have my husband home.  Happy to have a beautiful new home...which buy the way...ordering new furniture is so awesome!  (pictures to come once it all gets here) Happy to be planning to expand our family.  Yep I said it!  We are officially trying for a little sneakerhead.  =P

Alright well I guess that's it for now.  movers come get our stuff on Tuesday and then I say farewell to this place! 

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