Monday, April 11, 2011

Church Hunting

So yesterday Chris and I visited our first church in the area.  It was not what I expected to say the least.  I did a lot of googling to find a church I thought we would like.  Little did I realize what a HUGE impact first impressions could be like until trying to find my new Christ-home.  Growing up, I've always gone to whichever church my parents had picked out for us to go to.  I've never had to make this decision on my own and now that I have to, I'm realizing what a BIG decision it is to make.  There are so many things I have to analyze when choosing a church.  Not that the church we visited wasn't a holy place because it was...but it wasn't OUR fit.  I didn't feel myself being fed spiritually there and I felt the same exact vibe from my husband.  We ended up leaving during the service which I have never done before.  Once I sat in the car, I started bawling.  My husband just held my hand and let me cry it out.  I didn't understand at first...I thought it should be that up a church and start going there.  I was very wrong.  My husband suggested we go home and have a little devotional ourselves which is exactly what we did.  We read the Bible together at home, discussed what we read, and prayed together.  I'm so blessed to have him to help me through this.  He knows how important that is for me and he is eager to find a church for us too.  I also called my mom and told her what happened.  She laughed it off and told me stories of her and my dad finding a church for us when we were growing up and moving from one military base to another.  I never saw all this growing up.  I guess since what kids usually do is just follow along.  lol  Nevertheless, this all made me feel much better about my Sunday gone wrong.  We have another church on our list to visit next Sunday.  We prayed that God will direct us to the one He has for us...but I know that if this next church isn't it, it's because God has an even better one waiting for us.

Stay blessed ya'll and have a great week!  =)

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