Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Friends!

This has been a crazy busy week for me!  As you all know I've been preparing for my big move to North Carolina and these last few days have been like a whirlwind.
Tuesday the movers came and picked up my stuff.  They did an awesome job packing everything up.  My farewell party was on Tuesday night at the Firkin and Keglers bowling alley.  I had some close friends show up and some who I haven't talked to in a few months but I was touched by everyone who came and everyone who sent me farewell messages.  Thank you to all of you!  So I wasn't supposed to leave Orlando until yesterday but right after my things got picked up on Tuesday, the lady from the moving company called me and said that my drop off got pushed up from the 15th to the 7th!  That meant I had less than  24 hours to say my goodbyes and pack and do everything else on my to-do list.  Needless to say I was able to get almost everything done and say goodbye to as many people as I could before I left.  I had many plans to see people before I left but that's how the military is...changing plans ALWAYS!
So Wednesday afternoon I said goodbye to Orlando and headed off to my new home in North Carolina.  It was a looong drive since I had to do it by myself but Reese was good company.  =)  That was pretty much my whole day.  I did manage to make a stop at the cuban supermartet Sedanos before I left to scoop up some Caribbean groceries that I might not be able to find up in North Carolina.  I even bought two pork shoulders to $14!  For those who don't understand my excitement, that one of my husbands favorite meals and I usually buy only one pork shoulder for $14 so it was a steal.  I took them on my 8 hour drive in a little cooler.  Call me ghetto but you can't pass up a deal like that!  LOL  So back to my drive...very long....but it was all worth it when I pulled up into MY driveway and walked into MY house.  What a wonderful feeling it is to be a homeowner.  Everyday I wake up with an amazing feeling knowing I'm under my own hard earned roof.  =)
Thursday came the movers to drop everything off and that is when to chaos of boxes and unpacking started.  I really didn't realize how much stuff we actually had until everything was being packed and when the movers dropped everything off. It seemed like the boxes were never going to end.  BUT....with the help of my husband we were able to clear the majority of the boxes by this afternoon.  Only two days really!  The house is finally looking like a home.
Yesterday we went over our realtor's house (she lives down the street from us!).  We met some other couples around the neighborhood.  I really like the community we live in.  Almost everyone in the community is active duty military so we all have a lot in common.   My rice was a hit and so were my chicken legs.  We has a really good of our main topics was about this government shut down crisis.  It's something scary to think that soldiers fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq could be working for free pretty much.  And even us here on the home front.  We all have bills to pay and some people in the military rely solely on that paycheck that comes in on the 1st and 15th.  We were all watching the TV as Obama came on and spoke briefly about the decision being made but needless to say we were all relieved that our husbands were going to get paid...not all but at least something until they get the budget through officially.  I was comforted to be around these couples who all know the stress and emotions I go through.  They've been there...they are there...playing the same support role as me.  I'm looking forward to many more cookouts/get-togethers with these couples we met.  =)
I hope everyone has a safe weekend!  God bless!

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