Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Normal is not so normal after all!

Well here I am...after a great four day weekend with my love, I'm now spending the rest of the week solita!  It's crazy how even when they are home they are still not really home lol.  For the rest of the week my husband will be in the field.  I'm sad but at the same time I'm fine because it really isn't nothing I haven't handled before...really I've handled much worse!  But it does feel different though.  I mean I'm just starting to get used to being around him everyday.  It's been almost two months straight where I've been able to wake up to him every morning and kiss him goodnight every evening.  I guess I've been a bit spoiled right?  What am I saying?  Were married!  That's normal stuff!  lol  But for the last three years my husband has had to come and go...as the Army pleases I must say only letting me grasp him long enough to know that he is real lol.  I guess that is the life of the military though.  Our normal is not the norm of everyone else. 
Many of my friends here have their spouse deployed or getting ready to deploy.  It's a constant cycle here but a comfortable one all the same because we have each other to lean on.  I'm very grateful for all the friends we have made here in the short time we've been here.  Some old who have traveled along with us from Germany and others new but will be lifelong friends for sure.
This week my goal is to try and find a job!  I've been slacking on this far too long.  Tomorrow I will turn in my first application to the credit union on post.  Cross your fingers for me and say a prayer!
My hubber and our Reese

My hubber and our neighbors getting their groove on lol

me and my love on our dinner date this past weekend

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