Monday, April 18, 2011

Food, Fun, and Fierce Winds

So it's Monday and time to clean up the house after a full scheduled weekend!  But first I must blog lol.  Well Friday I had a girl's night out with my neighbors, we had a blast at this new restaurant in Fayetteville called Aspen Creek.  It was actually pretty good.  I give it 4 stars. One thing that I was sooo excited about was that they had the Monte Cristo on the menu.  Now I was suuuuper bummed when Bennigan's started closing down because they had the most amazing Monte Cristo ever.  I didn't get this though, because another item had my eye which was the Santa Fe Chicken.  It was great though.  Oh and this restaurant serves bread too with this yummy strawberry butter...oh man...the girls and I swallowed that stuff up lol.  After dinner we came back to the guys having a good time/baby sitting lol.  We didn't leave Destiny's house until 1 in the morning.  It is so nice to be able to just walk home after a great night like that.  I am sooo in love with where we live and the awesome neighbors that we have.  I mean we've only been in our house for two weeks and I feel like I've known these people much longer than that.
Saturday was Tornado disaster all around the Fort Bragg area.  We lost power at our house in Raeford luckily for only about an hour but other areas around us didn't have power for over 24 hours and some are still without power.  Fort Bragg sent out a message last night of a two hour delay on post so my husband doesn't have to report in today until noon...which was nice to be able to sleep in today.  =)  Later Saturday night, I invited our neighbors over for dinner.  It was a team effort dinner!  Each of us brought something so we ended up with pork chops, tostones, rice, bread with a balsamic dip, and yummy strawberry cake.  This was another great night of eating and fellowship.
Sunday was an eventful day as well.  As you all know my last Sunday didn't go all too great and so Sunday morning we set off to our next church visit.  We decided to go to a church called Rivers of Living Water in Fayetteville.  Well the outcome was.....we really liked it!  It's a very balanced church.  I really felt comfortable there.  They were doing their Easter play which was awesome.  I was very touched by the play and can't wait to go back next Sunday for the Easter service.  They are doing the play again tonight so if you are interested please go!  The play is called Six Hours One Friday based on the book written by Max Lucado.
1764 Bingham Drive
Fayetteville, NC 28304
The play starts at 7 PM

Ok Sunday afternoon was our first BBQ in our house!  We prepared allll week for this thing.  I made a pernil and homemade burgers, my husband made kabobs of all sorts, and we also grilled sausages, bratwurst, and hotdogs for the kids.  Our neighbors brought, rice and pasta salad, and chairs because of all the people coming lol.  We had all sorts of drinks including the two gallons of ice tea I made.  We had a total count of 22 people at our BBQ.  It went great!  Lots of music, talking, joking, the kids running in our backyard.  I loved it!  We ended the night with some dessert and my now popular stove-made coffee.  I could really spend my weekends like this every weekend.  I am a very satisfied girl right now.  =)  And now to clean the house!
Stay blessed ya'll and have a greatttt week!

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