Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dinner decisions

So it's rainy and really ugly outside right now.  I hate thunder...especially being all alone in the house.  The rain has been off and on all day today.  I bet my family in Florida is enjoying nice sun rays at the beach or pool right now.  Times like these, I really miss Florida.

So my blog...I named it Beba's Kitchen and yet the majority of my blog, I've shown almost nothing of my cooking skills!  So here is one of my dishes I made last week.  Enjoy!

Red/Yellow/Green/Orange Peppers and Yellow Onion all chopped (I wanted to be colorful lol)

Add the broccoli and stirfry with some soy sauce

Cooked the chicken breast separately (Seasoned with Sazon and Adobo)

Added them together and viola!  Chicken and Broccoli  =)
My chicken was paired with yellow rice and beans.  (Us latinos eat rice and beans with everything! lol)

I have no idea what I should cook for dinner tonight....any suggestions???

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