Monday, May 2, 2011

A Day at the Zoo

Yesterday we celebrated two very bright young girls birthdays.  Two of our neighbors' daughters had birthdays this weekend so the whole band of us took off in a caravan you could say of four cars and headed off to the North Carolina Zoo.
My neighbors enjoying the zoo!

It was a perfect day to visit the zoo.  I haven't been to a zoo in yearsss.  Well I guess you could say Busch Gardens is sort of a zoo because of all the animals but a genuine zoo...I have not been to and I don't know how long.  So it was a nice adventure.  =)  The funny thing is, my husband and I were the only ones childless.  I didn't really mind though...Arianna and Janiya stuck by me during a majority of our trip.  I love those little girls so much!  And of course I get forget little Aiden.  When he sees me he yells out "Hi Senia!"  My heart just melts for the kid lol.  Baby fever?  Ahhh maybe but right now I have to focus on finishing my degree before kids. lol  Ok back to the zoo.....
Aiden walking ahead

I would have to give this zoo a rating of 3 stars.  It was a huge zoo which was nice.  It had two sections, North America and Africa.  The North American side didn't have very many animals...and the animals it had were either sleeping and couldn't been seen at all.  The African side though had lots of cool animals including several beautiful giraffes.  I thought the giraffes were the most gorgeous of them all.  This zoo actually has a time frame where you can even feed them.  I thought that was very cool.
We saw an extremely fierce "show" by the baboons.  Apparently there was another male baboons trying to take dominance of all the others and the "king" baboon shut him down real quick lol.  Pretty exciting to see in person.  We also saw some very cute lemurs that reminded me of madagascar.  All in all it was a good day at the zoo but we were VERY exhausted by the time we left on our trip back home.  When we got home, we sang happy birthday and cut cakes for both the girls.  Our day was absolutely great!
Entering Africa

Now maybe you're waiting to hear my thoughts on our most recent world news.  Osama Bin Laden is dead.  Well I will leave everyone to their own personal thoughts and opinions.  The only thing I have to say is that we need to continue praying...for our president....our country...and the entire world.  God/Jesus/Holy Spirit is the Way, the Truth, and the Light.

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  1. Ha, thanks for the Amen, apparently my thoughts on the situation aren't liked by some other people although I thought I wrote that as the most two sided as I could, lol.


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