Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Dinner

Happy Memorial Day Everyone

Today is a day to recognize our fallen, MIA, and POWs.  I have a great uncle that died in the Vietnam war.  Today I dedicate to him and the price he paid for our freedom.  I searched online for a picture to represent today.  I found one that speaks louder than words in my opinion.  When I first saw it, it brought tears to my made me appreciate how lucky I am to still have my solider by my side.  We should all feel grateful for the life we have and the loved ones we have living.  This is a real picture of a widowed fiance by her lover's grave in the Arlington Cemetery.  I hope this picture touches you just as much as it did myself.

Today I decided to do something special with my husband since he was off.  It's not everyday we get to lay around and be lazy.  Most weekends we have a full schedule of things to do and during the week he works long hours.  So today was a perfect day to be able to spend time with each other and really appreciate the fact that we have each other.  We both loooove food especially Italian (even though we are as Hispanic as they get!)  A few weeks ago I was watching an episode of Kitchen Boss and Buddy made some scrumptious looking meatballs...sooo I looked up the recipe and also found a recipe for Buddy's homemade marinara sauce.  We went off on our mission to the grocery store and once we got all our items on our recipe list we headed back home to complete our Italian cooking mission lol.  Here is how our dish came out in the end.  Feast your eyes and if you feel daring yourself, give it a try!


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