Friday, May 20, 2011

College To-Do List

I have been procrastinating lately on to-do list UNCP.  I've done the bare minimum lately.  FASFA to UNCP (check).  Application submitted (check).  Valencia Transcripts sent (check).  UCF Transcripts sent........?  Application fee sent.........?  Get UNCP's school schedule..............?

Yep...still a lot of work to do.  This week is done with but starting goal is to get all these things turned it so I can sit back and enjoy this summer before I go back to "prison" for the next two years lol.  Oh man...I can't wait until this is over and I can commission already!

On the bright side, I ran a little over 3 miles today!  (Ok I stopped twice lol...but still a 3+ mile workout all the same!)  Getting ready for grueling PT semesters in the Fall. lol

Time to get back to business  ;-)

Down memory when we actually used BDUs lol

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