Friday, March 4, 2011

March Madness and what? Sneakers???

So I have this really really bad illness that at times I really can't control.  As a matter of fact, my husband and I both suffer from this which probably makes us so compatible.  It's called Sneakeritis...ever heard of it?  LOL  It's been some busy months in the Sneaker World.  Sooo many hot releases have dropped and it can be overwhelming to keep up with lol.  I copped the Flint 13s for myself and the husband for Christmas.  And then I got the him Cool Grey 11s as an early V-day gift.  Being that my husband is never satisfied with just one pair though.......he doubled up on both of those as soon as he got back to Germany.  Such a punk lol.  He is THAT guy...yeah the one to rock one to stock type of guy.  So I guess you could say his Sneakeritis is a tad bit worse than mine lol. (In case you guys are confused on what these numbers mean lol here a link to the Jordans library.)  I'm pretty stoked because my love just got me the cool greys too.  I really didn't care for them at first but when his came in, I think a shed a tear or two because they are freaking gorgeous lol.  So I'm glad he read my mind and bought them for me.  I'm looking at some Dr. Feel Good Nike SBs which I might get if I can work a good deal with the seller.  I wear a size 4.5 in boys so finding those in my size is pretty much impossible to come by so it will be a good investment.  I bet some of you are saying "This girl is crazy....a shoe addiction???"  You are probably right but all I can say is that it's a swagger that just can't be messed with haha. 

Well I have 4 days left until my love is home for good (well as long as the Army lets me keep him before next deployment).  4 more weeks of work...oh and I close on my house in 3 weeks! 23 days until our wedding anniversary.  Soooo many things to look forward to this month!   March is our month.  <3

Our House!

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