Friday, February 25, 2011

Dreams/Horrors of House Hunting PART 2

Ok so this week has been a tough week.  But good news!  The house hunting has nearly come to an end.  I put an offer on a house (not the 3 bed/2.5 bath I spoke about before).  This house is 3 bed/2 bath and 100 sqft less BUT it has tons more upgrades then the other.  AND its got a covered front porch, screened in covered back porch, and a fence!  Can you say awesome???  So yes my Realtor and I worked a big case to get the price I wanted and kudos to her for coming off the battlefield victoriously!  Go Team "G"!!!  (Our last names both start with G lol)  I will have to say I prayed very hard about this.  And I know I had several friends and family praying for me as well.  I know that God had a huge part in us being able to get the house for the price I wanted.  My Realtor even told me this was the first time she's gotten a new construction home for under the asking price.  History in the making baby! 

So pretty much the horrors are gone.  We got through the hard parts of getting approved (which was a piece of cake because I have awesome credit), deciding on a house (VERY hard), and making an offer that the seller would accept (SUPER SUPER hard) lol.  It's supposed to be a pretty easy ride from here. *keeping my fingers crossed*  Tomorrow I have to send out the Due Diligence and Earnest money checks.  Next week order the appraisal, and next weekend pick out my brand new stainless steel fridge!

My week couldn't have ended any better.  ***ALL SMILES***

Be blessed ya'll and have a safe weekend! =)

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