Thursday, February 17, 2011

Why Beba's Kitchen?

So I didn't really know what I wanted to name my blog.  I don't have a specific theme for my blog.  It's not just to talk about my life...or a 365 cookbook challenge...or a crazy "let me give you advice" blog.  It's kind of a place to put all the words swimming through my head.

In my culture, the women usually gather around in the kitchen and about everything and anything there lol.  Sometimes we are cooking together or just drinking coffee or playing yatzee in the kitchen table.   We can laugh, cry, get angry...but in the's a place where I can feel comfort, relaxed, and right at home.  This is my "kitchen" so feel free to make yourself at home.  =)

And maybe you are asking what Beba means?  Or even how it's pronounced?  It is a slang Spanish word for baby.  We use it in the family a lot.  My husband started calling me that from the beginning and it just stuck from there.  It's pronounced "beh-bah" (Spanish vowels) not "bee-bah" like some people confuse it with lol.  No worries though! 

Well I guess this is it for now.  Have a blessed day!

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