Thursday, March 17, 2011

Road trips, Dream houses, and Reality

Hello again!  Soooo...a lot has been going on since my last post.  The hubby arrived last week and what did we do to rekindle the flame?  Pack and head out on a 10 hour drive to NC.  Now that's what I call bonding lol.  Well I slept for most of the way since I had already worked a 10 hour work day earlier.  He was a good sport about it.  =)

We got to sit down with our mortgage lady who translated everything into "English" for us.  She is such a sweet lady.  We had a few bumps with the VA and I almost blew a gasket.  The VA screwed up a bunch of stuff and it looked like my husband had gotten discharged from the military back in 2006 when really he was just transferring from Reserve to Active.  Yeah that really pissed me off.  How can you sign off to send him to Afghanistan TWICE totally 27 months and not even get his freaking VA loan eligibility papers straight.  My husband wouldn't let me talk to the VA people in fear that I was gonna bite their heads off which I can't promise would not have happened lol.  Anywho, my husband got that straightened out this week which makes us one step closer to closing on the 25th. 
The next thing we did was check out post and OMG...Fort Bragg is huuuuge.  By far the largest post I've ever been on.  We found the Soldier Support Center by pure luck.  Then we tried finding the PX to get to the gas station and we ended up on the other side of post by the shooting ranges LOL.  Bragg pretty much has a highway type road through the middle.  It is big but I'm ready for the new adventures.  =)
Ok so the big finale to our trip.  Seeing our new home in person!  I had to shut my eyes and not open them until I was standing right in front of our house (my realtor's idea and of course the husband made me lol)  I can't explain that feeling I got when I opened my eyes.  Standing in front of the maroon painted door...on the covered front porch...and then finally turning the knob to peek inside and see the rooms and walls I will be coming home to everyday.  I could already picture where furniture was going to be placed and pictures being hung on each wall.  It is really a dream come true.  A brand new home where my husband and I will begin the real first steps of marriage together.  I'm sooo excited for what's next for us.

So fast forward to today:  Today I submitted my resignation letter.  I know some people just write an email with the day they are leaving but I guess I get that old school trait from my dad.  It is really starting to kick in that I'm leaving this place.  I've made good friendships and invested a lot of time and experience in this company in such a short time and now I have to leave.  I mean don't get me wrong choosing between being with my husband and staying for my job...of course my husband wins...but it still sucks to leave such a great company.  I know I will be missed by them...but I feel I will miss them way more than they can imagine.  It's hard leaving jobs when you make good friends.  When I had to leave my last credit union, it hurt to know I wasn't going to be able to see certain people anymore like I used to.  Of course I will keep in touch...the same that I do with my old friends from the credit union...but parting is still going to hurt all the same.  The reality of Army spouse life I guess.

Well I've written a few chapters here!  Be safe everyone and have a great weekend!  And keep Japan in your prayers.  <3

Me in our master bathroom

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