Monday, March 7, 2011

Bis Spater Deustchland!

There is so much to do this week I can hardly think straight!  The hubs is officially leaving Germany tonight!  I can't even express the excitement I feel.  After three years of long distance (two of them married) we are finally on our journey to actually starting the US we've been wanting.  I will miss Germany.  Being able to fly to Spain to see the in-laws on a whim.  Doners, Kinder chocolates, and the way cool supermarkets. The snow dusted on such beautiful scenery!  But I won't miss all the time it kept me away from my love.  So Aufweidersehen Germany!  Hello Bragg hooah!

So what's on the schedule?  Picking up my lover tomorrow from the airport so I will be MIA just so you know lol.  Yesterday I prepared a pork shoulder to roast tomorrow.  It will have been marinating for two whole days.  It's one of my husband's favorite dishes.  In Spanish, the dish is called "pernil". We carve the skin off and shave off as much fat as possible to make chicharon which is really crispy pig skin.  Sooo yummy but bad for your cholesterol lol.  I plan on making rice (arroz con gandules) to go with the pork and some steamed vegetables (gotta have something healthy!).  Is your mouth watering yet? lol  My grandmother started teaching me how to cook when I was 12 and I was always helping my mom in the kitchen.  I love cooking and just being in the kitchen period. 

Anywho, Wednesday night we are heading off to North Carolina to check out our lovely home.  It totally sucks that I can't just walk by it everyday and peek in the windows and picture our furniture in there.  It's like a long distance relationship with a building structure.  I'm so done with long distance! LOL But soon enough...we have less than a month until we are officially at Bragg.  Thursday we have a meeting with the mortgage people.  Let me tell you...I received a packet with all the paperwork I need to sign and OMG.  I don't even know where to start!  And that's not even the closing papers!  So Thursday we will have the mortgage people translate this stuff into "English" for us.  Friday is fridge shopping!  I'm hoping we get everything cleared away by Friday afternoon.  It would be nice to spend a day at Myrtle Beach on our way back.  Definitely looking forward to a great week.

Oh and for my praying voice out there.  My great-uncle is having an extensive surgery on Wednesday.  Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

My pernil for tomorrow (the skin is in the little bag)

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