Friday, June 29, 2012

Avengers: Hawk Healthy Cupcakes

Hey everyone!  It's beed a while.  I was down visiting my family in Florida for a week which has kept me pretty busy.  Things are not very good health wise for a few of my family members and it's been quite a weight on my chest since I can't be there in person for them.  I ask you all to please keep my family in your prayers.  It is much needed and very much appreciated.

So while I was down there, I got to baking with my little sister.  Her and I love to be in the kitchen.  I told her about a recipe I had been wanting to try out for the longest.  They are cookies and cream cupcakes with a twist...a HEALTHY twist.  =)

I've decided to name these the Hawk Cupcakes.  The Hawk in the comic books normally has a purplish outfit, but in the movie, his outfit is black.  I couldn't find much else to relate to this character in the movie.  When I think of a hawk, I think is something fast and agile.  Well to be fast and agile, you have to be fit and healthy!

I pulled the recipe off of one of my favorite blogger's site, Chocolate & Carrots.  Mrs. Caroline always has delicious yet healthy recipes and she's always on my go-to list if I'm ever in the mood for a sweet yet healthy treat.  Click here for the recipe for these cupcakes.

First off you'll need the following ingredients to make the cupcakes (AND powdered sugar which I forgot to include here)

Now the Oreo cookies are something we added ourselves since we didn't have Cookies N Cream eggs.  

The batter was extremely simple to make and already it was tasting amazing.

Next we improved Cookies N Cream kisses for the eggs since it's no longer Easter. =)
SIDE-NOTE (The next time I make things, I'm going to try them with the mini Oreos in the middle.  I think it would give it a really nice Cookies N Cream taste.  The kisses were fine, but you have to constantly check on the cupcakes as to not burn the kisses.

And finally the finished product! They were sooo good.  And who would have thought black beans would make sure a great dessert!  Now the icing was a bit tricky. It took a while to get the consistency the right way but just do as the recipe says, keep added powdered sugar and whipping cream until its nice and thick and can stand up on its own.


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