Monday, June 11, 2012

Tips on Packing for the Field

Hello all!  Its been a very busy few days for me.  Normally I can get my food blogs in during the weekend when I have more time to dance around my kitchen.  But this weekend I had to drill with my Guard unit.  So counting being back to work at my civilian job's been 8 days of non-stop work.  What fun!  We drilled out at Camp Butner for the weekend.  We got everyone qualified at the ranges and then some Rapid Reaction Force (RRF) training.  I got to meet the Captain I'll be working under and all I can say is I'm loving my job so far.  It's going to be a very busy job since they are training me to be the temporary S6, but the experience I'll be getting is priceless.

So I'd like to talk a little about packing...specifically packing for field training exercises.  Some people pack too much for these things...comfort I guess.  And then others pack too little...probably last minute packing.  Even though Guard field exercises are different from ROTC ones, I still pack the same way.  

Tip #1: Take what's on your packing list.  It's there for a reason!

Tip #2: Review your packing list at least a week before (or as soon as you get it if you get it less than a week from departure).  This way you can make sure you acquire the things on the list before you leave.

Tip #3: Hygiene kit includes the following: toothbrush, toothpaste, BABY WIPES (a definite must), deodorant (so you lessen the stinkiness of being out there).  Those are the basic necessities.  Anything else is for comfort.  I usually bring floss too and a bar of soap incase I have time for a canteen shower.  

Tip #4: Sleeping system - If you are sleeping outside, check the weather!  You might not have to bring the whole thing if it's going to be cool or hot out.  The less excess stuff you have to carry, the better.

Tip #5: Do a Pre-Combat Check (PCC) before you leave your house to again make sure you packed everything.  A few times I've forgotten to pack something even though I went over the list before hand to make sure I had it.

Anywho...I'm looking forward to this work week ending (Thursday will be my Friday!  whoohoo!)  I'll be making my way to the beach for some fun in the sun.  Can't wait!

As for my Avengers treats, I'm still working on ideas! I will most likely have my Hulk treat done this week.  I'll give you a hint...they are cupcakes...but don't make them angry!  They might grow to abnormal sizes! Haha...stay tuned!  =)

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