Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mind > Money

So my job search has evidently been a fail for the last couple of months...but to be honest I haven't really been looking.  =/
I'm afraid of picking up a full time job and not being able to stay in school full time aaand do the ROTC program.  So I have been holding off on applying to jobs.  I have applied at some places that I think might be flexible full time jobs but no responses back (to my luck really).  I'm glad that I was able to qualify for unemployment for a little while because my relocation to North Carolina wasn't of my choosing exactly but it doesn't last forever of course.  Finding a part-time job is what I'll have to look for and even though I don't really want my weekends to be taken away from me, the weekends are the only times really available and flexible for me.  So I've decided to venture out into the retail world for the first time.  I'm starting to apply for different stores at the mall that I might enjoy working at...folding clothes what a joy right?  Lol  I just put in an application to Buckle.  I really really like that store a lot and it's not a store that gets very packed or has clothes thrown everywhere since the clothes there are pretty expensive.

I'm also going to try applying at all the sneaker stores in the mall.  I mean I couldn't be a more exquisite candidate for a sneaker store...I am a die hard sneaker head to say the least lol.  It's not like my collection says much right???? 
My collection as of April 2011

Now I really really don't want to work retail.  Banking and IT has always been my thing.  There is actually a perfect job that I qualify 100% for and it's two minutes from my house and the pay is almost equivalent to my last job in Orlando  BUT it's a full time day job...and I just can't risk my long term goal for short term money.  =/

Wish me luck in my retail ventures!  =$

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