Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Praying for a Miracle...

So these last couple of days have been a bit discouraging but I'm determined to try my best to beat the situation.  Turns out that only 54 credits transferred over instead of the 70 that I was originally told would transfer.  Not that those 70 even mattered now that I think of it because they didn't even count for anything more than electives under UNCP's curriculum.  =(

The only thing that has been giving me hope right now is the conversation I had with one of the admissions advisers.  He told me that I could talk to the department chair of the school of Math and Computer Science and present to him my argument that certain classes I took at Valencia and UCF should qualify as transferable credits for some of the classes I'm required to take.  Well today I have a fully prepped argument ready to take to the department chair but it's been impossible to get a hold of this guy.  The crazy thing is that this department chair is only going to be in my department area until tomorrow and the new chair won't be taking over until the 15th.  It's so frustrating because I need to know what classes I should be signing up for and class starts on the 17th (next Wednesday)!

I'm seriously needing a miracle because if I can get these four classes to transfer I will be able to graduate in two years exactly instead of dragging it out to three years.  God knows I just want to be finished with this milestone in my life!

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