Sunday, August 21, 2011

Arrogant and Negative people

If there are two things I hate would be:

A. People who only talk about the negative in their life and think the whole world wants to attack them.
B. People who think their life is just soooo much better than everyone else and make a point to try and shove their "successes" in your face.

When I see people talk so negative about their lives, I feel sad for them because instead of focusing on the good, they want to breathe and live in the bad.  Everyone is going to have bad days or even a bad few months.  These are called struggles which we can only overcome by thinking positively and looking forward to a brand new day ahead of us.

Also...people that love to say things like "mine over yours" blah blah blah.  What is that supposed to mean? I guess in that person's opinion their stuff is better than mine but my response to that is: "Do you want a cookie for that?"  Because seriously, in reality no one really gives a rats behind if you think your stuff/life/etc is better than theirs.  In fact it may just end your friendship with that person. 

Anywho...I'm in no way upset today.  These are just random thoughts running through my head today since I was thinking about things I've heard people say to me in the past. 

What am I trying to say with all this?  Appreciate what you have and be humble about it! 

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