Thursday, August 18, 2011

The letter E is a number???

"Whaaaaaaaaaa" *In my Minion voice*

I'm up early this morning...the hubs got home from PT with his eyes swollen.  Apparently he used my acne face cream and got it in his eyes so by the time he got home both were swollen! lol  Ok back to the subject of the day.....

How the letter E is a number is still a mystery...or X or Y or B or M!  And unfortunately I will have to learn understand this concept in the coming months.  My first day of classes didn't go so bad considering I only had two classes: Intro to Algorithms (which I have a professor with a sense of humor that deeply concerns me) and Calculus with Applications.  As I was sitting in my Calculus class waiting for the professor to walk in, I stared blankly at our assignment for the night which I printed out before leaving home.  At that point I began to sweat lol.  Slope/Interceptions; Domains, Ranges, Non-linear functions; Asymptotes.....the list goes on...I literally had no clue how to solve any of these problems.  Knowing that I haven't had math for 4 years now, I was beginning to question whether I should even be in this class.  I began to get discouraged as I thought of how to drop this REQUIRED class and retake Algebra and Trig again which would ultimately set me back on my already delayed schedule to graduate....

Next thing I knew the professor walked in with a great big smile on her face.  She's a slim matured woman with short grey hair accented with frosty whites.  Her presence calmed me down a little as she began to explain the steps of our class and how she knows many of us have probably not taken a math class in a while being that the majority of us were Juniors and Seniors.  (wheeewwww)  As we started to go over the math problems for the night I started to got more confident.  I could literally feel a tiny Windows NT (if you have a crazy look right now...that's a very old and obsolete operating system)  computer turn on in the back of my head searching for all this long lost information and before I knew it I was solving the problems!  Whooohooo!  I stumbled on a few problems but for the most part I got the jist of our assignment that night.  I was very proud of myself but I'm not gonna lie, I did have a migraine before the end of class.  It took a toll on my brain...downloading past knowledge on the subject and uploading new information.  The crazy thing is we are just on the refresher section which means this class will slowly begin to get more difficult.  But I'm alright with's not learning if I don't get introduced to new topics!  So I say bring it on Calc!

Today I have my programming lab and ROTC.  Wish me luck!


  1. Go Yesi GO! Answer: 5, Boomshakalaka! (In my NBA JAM voice)


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