Monday, August 29, 2011

Wipe the sweat and keep truckin

So my PT test wasn't the greatest today.  I failed :(  I missed the situps by one but that was my own fault for not looking at what score I needed to pass.  I surely could have pushed out one more but I was thinking passing was 38 situps so I was good with 49...nope!  Passing is 50 situps.  Pushups was fine...35.  And oh boy...the run.  Well I was doing great the first 6 laps 2 minutes or less per lap and then as I was curving my 7th lap, I felt a sharp pain like a knife digging deep into my rib cage. was a cramp.  And boy was that thing fierce!  I could hardly breathe.  I tried to stick it out and keep running but nope, my body wasn't having it.  I walked that 7th lap having to stop about 3 times just to stop myself from curling into a fetal position (Trust me those cramps hurt bad!) It started to go away as I started my last lap so crazy me decided to sprint to catch up on lost time...NOPE!  As soon as I got 3/4 around the lap the evil cramp returned but I didn't stop running.  I pinched my right side and kept running even though I felt like I was dying lol.  Didn't do much for me because my two miles came out to 21:07 and you need a 19:36 just to get a 60.

I'm not sure why my body decided to cramp on the day I needed it to work.  I ran 2.5 miles this past Friday just fine.  As a matter of fact I was doing great on the run.  I would have finished with around 16 minutes for both miles if I didn't get that cramp.  It really took a toll on me.  I was really bummed afterwards and was so mad at myself.  Did I hydrate enough?  Did I stretch enough?  Was I breathing right?  My answer to all this was yes but what can you do when you get a cramp like that?  And the crazy thing is after I finished about 15 minutes later, the cramp was completely gone.  I felt like running the two miles all over again just to prove I can do it.

But in the end I just have to suck it up...realize I may have lost that battle but I'm not going to lose the war.  Tomorrow I'll be back on the track working on my sprinting to get my stamina up.  Maybe that way I won't cramp up again. 

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