Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fair or Unfair???

It's been a crazy busy week and weekend!  School is still going great and ROTC as well.  Friday was a big accomplishment for me.  We had a four mile run and I was really nervous that I wasn't going to be able to survive the run.  But to my own surprise I did very well!  I stayed with the head of my group the whole run.  I'm very confident that I will pass my APFT next week.  My endurance has really built up in the last few weeks.  These last two weeks I've been running a minimum of two miles so I should definitely be good for the run.  Pushups and situps will definitely be no problem.

Yesterday was the Mayweather vs. Ortiz fight.  We had a bunch of our neighbors and friends over to BBQ and watch the fight.  We made homemade burgers, grilled Italian sausages, and roasted marshmallows on the firepit for s'mores.  It's always a good time at our house lol.  We laughed and joked about how no one really makes s'mores the old school way anymore.  Many of us reminisced on our childhood memories of making  s'mores over a fire.  I know we all enjoyed the fun of sticky marshmallowey fingers, melted chocolate, and crispy graham crackers that night.  The kids definitely loved it.

And now for the BIG debate!  What was up with that fight huh?  I know the crowds were definitely leaning more towards Ortiz winning but lets look at the facts of the fight.  Mayweather's punches were more accurate first of all and Ortiz wasn't in the mood to play fair either.  Mayweather landed 73 out of 208 (35%) punches that night while Ortiz only landed 26 of 148 (only 18%).    Also Mayweather almost tripled the amount of power punches thrown.  You can't deny that he was dominating the fight.  And the headbutt???  Come on now Ortiz...we all know that was definitely intentional.  Check out the first 10 seconds of the video below.  It was intentional.  With that being said, remember we are dealing with Mayweather.  One of the most arrogant men I know!  He is not a gentleman and if you open the doors to play dirty, you damn well better be ready for the Pandora's box that's just been opened.  Not only did he headbutt him....Ortiz decided to mock him right after with a kiss.  Yeah he definitely pissed Mayweather off.  So with that being said yeah the fight ended unfairly but Ortiz is really the one responsible for it.  As for the apology from Ortiz afterwards..........???  He should really be apologizing to his managers and fans for letting them down.  It was an unfair win and Ortiz didn't even really get to show his boxing skills.   

Now with all bets aside Mayweather had no right to tell off Larry Merchant like that.  And I hope Larry Merchant gets a raise for that little episode.  So Mayweather continues to be undefeated...but the bigger question that lingers in the minds of all us boxing fans is......when will Mayweather get his panties together and fight Pacquiao?????

To be continued.....

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