Monday, September 5, 2011

Healthy Music

 Update! 09/7/2011

Il Volo has a sweepstakes to go see them in LA!  How cool!  Check it out.

I've been listening to my new CDs by Il Volo.  They are an amazing group of talented young men between the ages of 16 and 17 believe it or not.  Originally from Italy they have made appearances on just about every TV show including American Idol and the Latin music awards Premios Juventud.  Their original CD is Italian which I have as well as their Spanish version.  I call this healthy music.  Music that has meaning and touches your soul.  To my benefit I can understand the Spanish version because of my heritage but I love listening to the Italian album all the same.  You don't have to understand Italian to feel words they sing to your heart.  Music in a way has a way of translating itself without even trying. One of the songs I enjoy is called "Mi Vida".  I love just closing my eyes and letting the highs and lows of their voices move in my mind like waves on an ocean.  I can feel my heart beat slow down and my nerves loosen and relax literally during the slow parts and when the music intensifies I get goosebumps by how handsome their voices sound.  I just love music like this.  I can listen to this everyday.

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