Friday, September 30, 2011

Good news!!!

I don't know how I forgot this but Monday I took my APFT and I passed!!!!  Yeahhhh yuhhhh...I did 45 push-ups, 60 situps (counted) I got cheated out of like 15, and I ran a 17:18 on the 2-mile run.  Not too shabby eh? 

That's not all the good news though.  I just finished my packet to contract with the Army the $$$ should be in effect pretty soon.  I can't believe I'll be getting paid to train to be an officer....too cool lol.

And last but not husband passed CA selection! Yay!!!  Good things to come for us.  I'm not gonna's been a tough week not being able to talk to him and motivate him but prayers work miracles....and so does having my parents that I can call who encourage me to stay strong and positive.  =)

I feel so blessed and I'm excited for what to come.  I wish we could spend tomorrow celebrating BUT I have my FTX this weekend so I guess we'll have to wait.  But for a small celebration, I have cooked one of my husband's favorite meals...rice, beans, and fried pork chops!

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