Saturday, September 24, 2011

Where would we be without books?

So I've been spending a lot of time lately at the school library.  I've almost forgotten how much I love being around books!  Nowadays we spend so much time on the internet.  You can google just about any question you have and for the most part you will get a decent answer.  Now we have e-books that can be accessed through a computer or mobile device such as a cell phone, tablet, kindle, or nook.  I am a victim of this...I do have a kindle lol.  But it just isn't the same as a good old book in your hands.  Walking down the aisles in the library skimming through the titles and names of authors I felt them whispering to me "Read my story" "Hear my voice" "Welcome to my world of..."  Words are the physical proof that knowledge exists.  It's our way of leaving a footprint behind to that this knowledge can be passed down from one generation to the next.  These books of yesterday are what have helped us become what we are today and what we will be tomorrow. 

This week my MSgt informed my class to start preparing a briefing which each of us will give to the class in two weeks.  I've decided to do mine on Airborne history and Airborne school.  Can you guess where my first stop was?  The library of course!  I decided to test my library's topic content to see if by any chance they had any books on military Airborne operations.  And to my surprise I found absolutely everything I needed for my briefing and more!  I'm excited to get started on this project.  I've always had an interest in Airborne operations so this is going to just as fun for me as my briefing will be for the class.  I will also be doing a demonstration of the jump commands with the help of some prior service cadets who are Airborne qualified.  A big thanks to a good friend who suggested it.  =)

If my book fascination wasn't enough already...I've also checked out some books for free time reading.  I think I love non-fiction books just as much as fiction.  Non-fiction books allow you to experience a real-life event that could have taken place hundreds of years ago...or maybe during your lifetime but it was in a place far away.  Fiction books are great because you get to jump into an author's imagination and experience a world only known to the author and the readers of that book.  Since I couldn't decide what type of book I wanted to read I picked one of each.  My fiction book is a fantasy called Alanna, the first book of a quartet.  It's juvenile reading so I should finish it pretty quickly.  I've actually read this book before in middle school.  It's part of a quartet (a series of 4 books) by the Tamora Pierce.  She actually wrote a series of quartets and the characters are all part of the same world...and it's always about a female warrior of some sort.  (Does it sound like someone here? lol)  I just like how I can go through one book after the next and still be in the same world of people getting to know everything about it.  I remember wondering how someone could just come up with something so fictional and immense in just their mind.  I guess that's why I want to re-read these books.  To be able to get lost in an amazing and magical world.

The non-fiction book that I picked is about a specific company from my husband's old unit.  The book is called WAR by Sebastian Junger.  Many of my 173rd family and friends have already bought and read the book when it released to the public last year.  I've heard that it's a must read but it takes a lot to get through the whole thing emotionally.  Well I started the book a few days ago and only got through the first few pages before I had to set it down and compile my thoughts and emotions.  Just knowing that these stories being told actually happened and there are people right now with an emptiness lingering in their houses and hearts because some of the soldiers in this book didn't come gives me goosebumps.  I know that as a cadet training to be an officer, I will eventually have to face the loss of a soldier and the heartbreak of a family.  It could even be me in the brink of action and how will I react if I'm to encounter an attack like Bella Ambush?  Yes, I know you can never be prepared for death and reading this book is going to be hard but I know reading this book will give me a good picture of what war look likes and supply me with an awareness of what I could encounter in a few years.

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