Tuesday, July 19, 2011

College Jitters

So today has been a busy day running around getting things done before school starts.  I just got an email last week saying I got accepted to UNC Pembroke....FINALLY! lol So now I have TONS of things I need to do before school starts in hmmmm....only THREE weeks!

I had to go to the Army Education Center on post...took me like 20 minutes to find the place.  Then I had to drop off some papers to my husband.  In order to get in-state tuition, his Captain needs to sign a military affidavit or waiver so I can qualify.  Turns out I'm going to have to write up the memo...all his Captain does is sign it...so yay to more work for me to do lol.  Next I drove out to Pembroke.  I spoke with the ROTC secretary about signing up for classes.  Since I took two years of ROTC already I don't need to take the first year classes but I'll have to retake the second year classes because my second year at UCF was Air Force related and now I'll be transfering to Army.  Still awesome to know I don't have to retake both years.  Next, I went to the Student Health Services office and filled out my medical forms.

Now all I have left is to make a few follow up phone calls to Financial Aid and Student Health Services later this week to make sure all my information was received.  And last but not least, Transfer Student Orientation on August 13th.

I'm super excited to be starting school again but I'm nervous as well.  More nervous about ROTC really.  I haven't done ROTC for over two years now and I'm switching branches so it is going to be pretty different.  I hope I do well and maybe qualify for some free money too lol.

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