Thursday, July 21, 2011

Beyond Frustrated....

So school starts in three weeks and nothing is going smoothly!  I STILL haven't gotten my application packet.  I called today and they said it was going to get sent out FLORIDA!!!  So I told them that is the wrong address...they put me on hold to see if they could pull it out of the mail bin for today....oh wait...apparently it got mailed out yesterday! they are hopefully going to get another packet out today to my correct address here in North Carolina.  My next call was to Financial Aid to check my award status.  Good news is I did get awarded...Bad news is that they won't tell me how much I got awarded!  I have to find out in the mail...oh wait more bad news!  They are mailing my award letter to Florida too!  Can you say....AHHHHHHHHHH!!!  Yes I really feel like screaming...they said I MIGHT be able to get it fixed before the letter goes out if I fax in an address change request today but still...By the time it gets here I will be signing up for my classes and I won't even know how much money I have to use and if/what I will be owing  for my classes.  I really want to cry.

My next battle is to find out how many of my classes transfer so I can sign up for only the classes I need. Tomorrow I'm going to go to the registrar office and see if I can get a glimpse of hope....hope that they will take a majority of my classes so I don't need more than two years.    :sigh:  I hope something goes right tomorrow.  =(

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