Friday, July 22, 2011

A Brighter Day Indeed

Today turned out to be very productive.  My financial aid paperwork came in the mail today.  (Thank goodness for USPS address forwarding lol)  I got awarded a Pell Grant and a Subsidized loan which will cover everything! My admission packet didn't come in though so I decided to drive out to Pembroke today and get some things done and request my admission paperwork as well.

After paying for my orientation fee and getting my BID number, I sat down with one of the ladies in the Admissions office to go over my transfer evaluation.  Turns out over 70 credit transfer over making me a Junior....YAYYYYY!!!!  I was sooo exicted to hear that.  It was the light towards the end of the tunnel for me.  A lot of my friends are already graduated with their Bachelors and sometimes I feel like these last four....wait five years of school....have been wasted away.  But seeing that atleast 70 of my 90+ credits transferred over was a lovely surprise for me. 

Monday I'll meet up with the ROTC secretary to go over my education plan based off my transfer eval.  I guess I can officially say I'm a UNC Pembroke student!  Wish me luck!

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