Saturday, October 22, 2011

During my Fall Break...

It's been a while friends and family but a very busy while indeed!  Between the 5th and the 12th, I was taking my midterms and I'm happy that my midterms grades resulted in four As and one B.  Hard work pays off!  After my midterms I took a flight down to Orlando to surprise my mom as a belated birthday present.  My mom has been wanting to see me really bad and since I had a small break after my midterms, I decided to take that opportunity to fulfill her wish.  :)  She was so shocked to see me.  My dad and I had it planned for a few weeks beforehand so he was the one that picked me up from the airport.  When I arrived at the house my mom was a crying mess which resulted in me being a crying mess too lol.  The last time I saw my parents was in July.  I know that doesn't sound like too long but for my close-knit family, that's like an eternity.  I had a great time with my mom and I know it really made her feel better to have her middle daughter home with her for a few days. I also got to see a majority of the family while I was there including these two little gorgeous rugrats below.  Every time I leave, a part of my heart always stays with them.
My mom and I
Daddy's girl =)
The apples of my eye
I flew back on Sunday and was back on the books and studying as soon as I got back.  I can't believe I am already half way through this semester.  It seems like it just started. husband is back on the books as well.  Since he changed his MOS he's got a whole lot of studying to do.  This new MOS includes a lot of work and it requires him to take some college courses as well as learning a different language.  He's really excited and I'm just as excited for him too.  This weekend has been pretty relaxed so far.  We went into Fayetteville for the day and ended up getting a Plus membership at Sam's Club.  We are starting to fall in love with this store haha.  After that I made a quick stop at Kohl's to get these J-Lo shoes I've been dying to have.  They finally went on sale and I had a $10 gift certificate from Kohl's since my birthday is this month.  I was able to pick them up for less than $23!  Talk about a GREAT deal!  Let me also include that these heels are amazingly comfortable.  No squishing of the toes and no feeling like you body is leaning forward.  J-Lo's whole collection at Kohls is amazing.  I also love the Marc Anthony collection too.  I picked up a shirt for my husband and boy does it look great on him. ;-)
Anywho...tomorrow is church and then back to the school schedule.  I hope you all have a great rest of the weekend!

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